catcher defense

The 2019 card set introduces a new defensive rating for catchers along with a new CFR range on the pitcher card. The purpose of these changes is to better model the defensive contributions by catchers.

Before we dig into the new system, let’s first examine the deficiency that it is intended to address. Previously, […]

BF fatigue/rest methodology

The new batters faced (BF) fatigue/rest ratings are based on actual MLB pitcher usage. Here’s a breakdown of the methodology used to generate the ratings.


combined lf/rf rating

This year all outfielders will receive an optional “lf/rf” rating. This is a combined rating based on all OF defensive range data. It is recommended that you use the combined rating as it is a more accurate representation of the player’s overall defensive performance. The individual position ratings are based on smaller data samples and […]

new pitcher fatigue/rest system

The traditional PtP fatigue/rest system allows extremely unrealistic pitcher usage patterns, but to this point all we’ve had as an alternative were experimental rest rules that were squeezed onto the charts over 10 years ago. For several years I’ve had a design concept in the back of my mind for a new system based on […]

new injury system

I’ve followed up last year’s improvements to the wild play charts by creating a new injury system which will go into effect this year. I’m posting a brief explanation of the changes here, along with the text for the new injury chart. Let me know if there’s anything that should be […]