on Rich Rodriguez

I’m still waiting to hear a rational explanation of how firing Rich Rodriguez is going to result in a better Michigan football team in 2011 or beyond. In three years under RR, Michigan has made enormous strides on offense, to the point where I believe most observers would have to admit that on that side […]

2011 range ratings

I’ve posted the 2011 range ratings on the wiki. Please note that this includes ratings for players who will not actually be carded.

mapping defensive range

This is an overview of how defensive range ratings are derived from BIS ZR and OOZ data. This system was initially developed for the 2008 card set. All cited examples are from the 2011 card set (2010 MLB data).


kicking off 2011

Now that Retrosheet has released the 2010 MLB PBP data it’s time to get started working on the 2011 card set. I can’t thank those guys enough for making this data available so quickly after the season ends. I have posted a preliminary list of players who will be carded on the […]