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how to join the IBL

The IBL welcomes anyone who enjoys playing our game to join as an Associate member. Associates can participate by playing games for owners who have scheduling difficulties, or act as caretakers when an owner must step away for an extended period of time. When a franchise becomes available for new ownership, interested Associates (and co-owners) are given the opportunity based on seniority. Associates can also be invited to join an existing team as a co-owner.

The first step to take is subscribing to the IBL mailing list.  Feel free to browse the list archive to get an idea of the frequency and content of the emails.  Once you’ve subscribed, use the contact form to drop us a note indicating your interest in joining the league.

The next step is to get connected to other members.  The IBL has its own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server where league members play games and hang out to chat.  If you’re already an experienced IRC user plug in our server info and get connected.  If you’re unfamiliar with IRC you can use this web client.  Our IRC server requires a password which you can request via email.

Once you’re connected to IRC the next step is to get familiar with how we play games online.  If you’ve joined up mid-season, most evenings you should be able to log in and find a channel with a game in-progress.  Eventually you’ll need to play a couple of simulated games using a publicly available card set and use our GRS program to submit a sample Game Report.  Assuming everything goes well it will be announced in the next IBL Newsletter that you have joined as a new Associate member.  At this point you are eligible to play IBL games and will have access to the latest cards.

7 comments to how to join the IBL

  • Danny McCubbin

    I have followed you before but never felt I had the time to play. I am interested in joining as an associate and playing in your league. I have played table top sports games since I was 10 and now 41. I did own pursue the pennant as a teenager and so this game interests me.

    If you are full I understand but I am interested if there are openings

  • Steve Gorman

    Hi guys –

    Long time fan of your game – like Danny been reluctant to become an owner, because of real life. However, I would definitely be interested in helping out as an associate. I have been gaming for over 30 years and have played PtP, DL and your game many times, so can jump right in.

    Steve Gorman

  • Gary-O

    Your game is the best out there. I have lost trust in DLB, Strat doesn’t interest me, etc., etc. Will you be issuing the 2015 season cards soon? Sorry, I don’t wish to join the IBL, I have my own project. I’d be happy to hit that donate button.


  • Rick_Adkins_1

    Would like to join

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