2020 card set released

The 2020 IBL card set (2019 MLB season) is now available for public download.  IBL members get immediate access to the latest cards, so consider joining if early availability is important to you.  We have opportunities to start playing games right away.

5 comments to 2020 card set released

  • AD

    Any chance we will see cards for the new guys (given this covid crap floating around) so we can play out the start of the season? Kind of a tall order I’m sure, given their lack of history, but thought I’d ask if that was being contemplated.

    As a Mariners fan, I’m thinking of guys like Evan White and Patrick Wisdom, etc.

    Anyway, looking forward to playing the game.

    AD :{)}

    • The game is designed to reproduce the previous MLB season. Players must have 20 IP (pitcher) or 30 AB+BB (hitter) in order to receive a card. There’s no mechanism to create hypothetical cards for players without MLB stats.

  • Just want to say thanks for sharing this set. Haven’t really done much with the past ones but LOVE you make them available so I have the option. I enjoyed its predecessor back in the day and appreciate the effort and care you have taken to refine and keep it going.


  • Tim Heilig

    I’m so happy to see this game is still going after all these years.

    Any special celebrations for the 30th year of the Motor City Mauraders?

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