2020 ratings

This post will be continually updated with links as the player ratings are completed for the 2020 card set. This data is only available to IBL Members for use in preparation for the annual Free Agent Draft.

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  • Larry_McIntire

    I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated your work with this game thru the years. I originally became a FAN when I bought Pursue the Pennant. Anyway, I downloaded the 2019 Card set, and newer rules, but I was wondering when the new set of cards, with all the new attributes, will be available?
    Thanks again for all your hard work making this the BEST B game out there.

    • The 2020 cards and charts have been distributed to IBL members and we are getting ready to start our season. The cards will be made available to the general public after we’ve been up and running for a few weeks.

  • Larry McIntire

    Thanks for the info…really appreciate you quick response!!
    Everybody be SAFE out there!

  • Jake_Graff_1

    Off topic, but I was wondering how you go about printing the season cards? Is there a perforated sheet of card stcok someone can recomend that I can takt to Office Depot to have them printed?

    Thanks! Sray safe!

    • I’ve generally been happy with the results at FedEx Office. In the past it has cost less than $40 to get the PDFs printed on card stock and cut. You should only have to pay for 4 cuts (two horizontal, two vertical). I’m not sure if it is possible submit the job online, the last time I checked their online ordering system only had a template for 2 cuts.

      • Jake_Graff_1

        That’s great! Thank you. Also, I was looking at the 1996 card set (1995 season) as I would like to play the Miracle M’s that saved baseball in Seattle but noticed that the cards are alphabetized by player name rather than team name as in other seasons. I wanted to ask if there is a vision of the 1996 set that is alphabetized by team? It will make it difficult to sort the teams having to go player by player. Thanks again!

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