cards are final

No errors have been reported with the cards, so they should be considered to be the official release for 2010.  Any corrections from this point on will be issued as errata.  PLAY BALL!

I’ll be uploading updated charts over the weekend.

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  • kc

    I can’t access the ftp site for some reason…

  • Todd WCW

    Worked like a charm. They can’t actually be PERFECT, right? I’d have to worship Sean’s work to a whole new level…

  • Dennis L

    Hi Sean

    Really appreciate your work and those that helped get the latest cards completed.

    Is there a trick or way for me to print the player sheets so they come out bigger or maybe reformatting the page to have less then 9 players? I realize its on a read only pdf but thought it might be possible to enlarge the print so it comes out larger on the paper.

    Thanks for any suggestion


    • There really isn’t anything simple I can do on my end to change the formatting. The cards all have to be the same size and it would require an entire layout re-design in order to put fewer on a page. I suppose it might be possible for you to take the PDF to a printer and see if they could print it on something larger than standard 8.5×11 paper. Have you considered just using the PDFs to play the game? I know a few IBL owners do that.

  • Dennis L

    Thanks for the advice Sean.

    I actually ended up using the “snapshot” tool in Acrobat Writer (not reader) to highlight 4-5 players in the pdf and then paste them into word with the formatting intact.

    This allowed me to enlarge the pasted image even more but the printed result is amazing. I dont even need glasses to see them.

    It may a bit tedious at first but its only once a year:-)

    Thanks again for all your and crew’s hard work


  • That’s pretty cool, thanks for letting me know how you did it. Out of curiosity, how many cards did you end up printing per page to get the size that you wanted?

    • Dennis L

      Hi Sean,

      I ended up with 4 per 8″ x 11″ per page times almost 120 pages just for the batters but its evenly centered and the player cards are huge. That in itself makes playing this game all the difference .. at least for me. I use a cheap printer. A laser samsung ML 2510 with black & white toner and dont print much else except for baseball charts, player cards, etc…

      Once again its great to be hooked on IBL and all the cool formulas you and the team have created.
      Now the only thing I run in the back ground is an excel dice program to get the random generator needed for the card accuracy.

      Thanks again


  • Mike Holmes

    Hi Sean,

    I played with the 1995 set over the winter and LOVE the formats. I am now playing 2009. I am curious, and I apologize if I have missed a post about it, but I have not seen any jam/clutch ratings other than normal in the cards I have gone through so far. Has the criteria changed for such ratings? Thanks for all of your work on the game and card sets– it is great!

    Mike Holmes
    Creston, Iowa

    • Mike — players are no longer being assigned clutch ratings because the inherited PtP clutch system was poorly designed. I think you may find a more detailed explanation in the comments to the IBL FAQ page.

  • Mike Holmes

    Thanks for your reply, Sean. Being that the clutch/jam are still on the cards, should I assume you are looking to revamp the system, or is the plan to just sack it for the future? Again, great stuff with your engine. I am really impressed.

    • Yes, the ultimate goal is to implement a statistically accurate clutch hitting system. Unfortunately, I don’t know when that will happen. Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoy the game.

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