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Division Leaders

Division Team Record Lead Magic #
AC East TRI 98-64 +1 Clinched
AC Central WMS 90-72 +8 Clinched
AC West MCM 118-44 +21 Clinched
NC East SNH 103-59 +25 Clinched
NC Central SFP 97-65 +13 Clinched
NC West SEA 93-69 +4 Clinched

Wild Card Standings

Showing all teams within 6 games of the current second wild card team


Record GB WC1 GB WC2
POR 97-65 -- --
COU 97-65 -- --


Record GB WC1 GB WC2
ODM 89-73 -- --
SCS 84-78 5 --
EDG 80-82 9 4
SDQ 78-84 11 6
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For information on how the league determines tiebreakers, check out section 2.2.2 of the IBL Constitution
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The Internet Baseball League (IBL) is a continuous-ownership, play-by-email league which uses its own board game known as "The IBL Game" (or TIG). The IBL began with a USENET post on rec.sport.baseball in 1991. The league now consists of 24 teams playing 162 game schedules.

Each IBL owner is responsible for playing 81 home games during a 27-week season, generally beginning in April and finishing sometime in October. Additionally, managers prepare a Manager's Instruction Sheet (MIS) each week for road games. Owners frequently play head-to-head online via our IRC server, eliminating the need for instructions. Game results and stats are reported via E-mail.

The IBL is always interested in having new people join as Associates. Associates participate by playing games for owners who have scheduling difficulties, or act as caretakers when an owner must step away for an extended period of time. Associates are generally the first in line to be selected for team ownership when a vacancy exists.