where are the 2013 cards?

I’ve received numerous inquiries regarding the status of the 2013 card set.  In past years I’ve updated this blog frequently in the Dec/Jan/Feb timeframe, publishing card information like defensive ratings and park fence distances.  This year I’ve decided to only make this information available to active members of IBL, thus the lack of posts here over the winter.  The cards are nearly complete and will be released to league members sometime in the next few weeks.  Cards will be made available to the general public sometime after the 2013 IBL season gets started.


13 comments to where are the 2013 cards?

  • Steve Gorman

    Hi guys – 2012 was a great season for us replayers. Any idea when the 2013 cards will be ready for the general public?

    Please keep up the good work!!

    Steve Gorman

    • Rob

      Excited as well. This will be the first yer my boys will be old enough to enjoy the ame with me. Can’t wait… Champing at the bit here.

  • Sergio

    Don’t let us suffer too much, we want cards :-))

  • sorry everyone, but I’m on vacation in Australia right now

  • Ray Cluse

    Please come home. We need cards.

    Your adoring fans.

  • Rick Guzman

    My Dear Sean:

    Take all the time you want. Enjoy Australia. We can wait for the FREE cards. Your previous sets are amazingly fantastic. You are a generous person. I hope to help on card development in the future and/or join your league as backup or manager.

    In appreciation, Rick G. in Arizona

    P.S. Going to Philippines with family throughout June

  • Kevin Hennessy

    The delay in the release of cards this year doesn’t mean the end of IBL card sets, I hope!

  • Ray Cluse

    Sure doesn’t look good, Kevin.

    Call me a cynic, but the silence regarding the 2013 cards has dashed my hopes on the rocks of despair.

  • Once quick glance at the IBL website should alleviate any concerns about the existence of the 2013 card set. We started our season in April, as usual.

    • Ray Cluse

      That’s great for y’all. I mean it. But what of us poor solitaire-playing sods? Our only recourse is to go to Dynasty League’s site and shell out $70 for the privilege of waiting three months to have a 2012 season set shipped out.

      I gotta say, you truly have us by the cajones. Well played.

      Oh, the humanity …

      • If you want to play our game you can join the League or simply wait for the cards to be publicly released. Either way you’re getting a great game for free, seems like a pretty good deal to me.

  • Ray Cluse

    Yeah, I know. It’s a damn good deal. Just being mopey and feeling antsy. I can wait. Thanks for everything.

    Oh, and thanks for the invite, but at this point, I exclusively fly solo when it comes to tabletop baseball.

  • Sergio

    I’m Italian and my very poor english doesn’t allow me to play among you guys. Guess my only option is to wait and I’ll do just that, thx for your great work Sean. I just hope that my friends wont kill me 😉
    Sergio Montanari from Bologna (Italy)