2013 card set available for download

The 2013 card set is now available to the general public on the download page.

5 comments to 2013 card set available for download

  • Jim


    Thank you very much for posting the 2013 card set. I appreciate your hard work. The IBL game continues to maintain a standard of excellence in simulation. Much appreciated.

  • Larry Ham

    Ditto what Jim said. I can’t believe you guys do all that work and then let us reap the rewards for free. Thanks much!

  • Robbie

    Thanks so much for creating such a great game. It’s definitely worth the wait. I would love to join the league someday, but the time zone difference here in Seoul is a bit tough. Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed your trip down under.

  • Don Evans

    Thanks to the IBL crew for the latest cards. Your work is greatly appreciated.

    And I noticed you’ve added BF and L/R batting details to the cards. Very nice!


  • Dan Armfield

    I want to add my thanks to the IBL group for providing this great baseball game for free. As someone who has designed several games in the past, I know how much hard work it takes to create the materials for a game.It is truly appreciated.

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