new pitcher fatigue/rest system

The traditional PtP fatigue/rest system allows extremely unrealistic pitcher usage patterns, but to this point all we’ve had as an alternative were experimental rest rules that were squeezed onto the charts over 10 years ago. For several years I’ve had a design concept in the back of my mind for a new system based on […]

charts updated to 2012d

Some minor edits to the wild plays, and I’ve also made a couple of cosmetic changes:

added page numbers so that a play index/glossary can be created gave names to the “roll 1/roll 2” results on the injury chart (now called “minor” and “extended”)

I’m hoping #2 will make the new injury charts a bit […]

charts updated to 2012c

Minor edit to the wild play charts in order to clarify which injuries do not require injury rolls, and thus will not result in the player being considered day-to-day (DTD).

charts updated to 2012b

I’ve uploaded revision 2012b of the charts. This corrects a problem with the alignment on the fence distance chart and also has been exported to PDF with different settings in order to improve the legibility of the text.

new injury system

I’ve followed up last year’s improvements to the wild play charts by creating a new injury system which will go into effect this year. I’m posting a brief explanation of the changes here, along with the text for the new injury chart. Let me know if there’s anything that should be […]