cards released

Available on the download page. Any corrections from this point on will be issued as errata. Updated charts will be available shortly. PLAY BALL!

2 comments to cards released

  • ehen4

    should we expect the 2012 cards around the same time this year?
    by the way, excellent game.
    i made my self the game via download
    it is the absolute best, i have tried som ultimate baseball, replay etc!
    the descriptions of the plays help me write out my color comentary!
    i do one for each game!

    this game just works!
    thank you guys for all your hard work!
    is there an actual forum?

  • Yes, cards should be available in the spring as usual. There isn’t really a forum, but if you get involved with the IBL there’s usually a bunch of people hanging out on IRC that you can chat with.

    Good to hear from you, thanks for the kind words about the game!

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