contact form fixed

While upgrading wordpress last night I realized that there was some kind of glitch with my contact form.  If you recently tried to send me something via that form it most likely never got delievered, but I believe I have things fixed now.

4 comments to contact form fixed

  • Rob H.

    Just wondering if the “Clutch” ratings will ever return? There is data on for clutch hitting now…

    • The issue with clutch is designing a system that balances the batting & pitching adjustments and properly adjusts the cards for non-clutch opportunities (if a player is better than his overall stats in a clutch situation he should be worse in non-clutch).

  • Rickey

    Do you have player limits for AB? Looking at your cards I don’t see any limits on them. For example Pete Orr had only 7 AB vs. LHP for 2011.


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